About Us

What is PalletPerDay.

Palletperday offers holistic warehousing support systems that are backed by technology. Since its inception by Indo-Arya, Palletperday has worked with the most prominent global brands, retailers, and supply chains. We offer various levels of warehousing service and flexible warehousing spaces for long-term needs. With a broad range of clients and in-depth industry knowledge, we have built a trained team of experts dedicated to providing quality warehousing services throughout India since we like seeing the success of our clients. We offer you the option to book storage spaces online at competitive rates to meet the demands of such a dynamic environment.

Our customizable warehouse services are available to all online retailers, MSMEs, traders, importers, exporters, and merchants. Palletperday's 3PL warehousing service is also designed in a way that can simplify your order fulfilment and secondary distributions for retailers, manufacturers, traders, and other businesses. With a flexible warehouse management system offered by palletperday, our clients can focus on their core business while enjoying top-notch storage and warehousing management services.


To Develop a marketplace that offers a flexible warehouse support system that allows our clients to concentrate on their key competencies.


Palletperday is not only on a mission to provide top-quality services to customers and fulfil all their storage needs seamlessly. But to get the warehouse in front of potential customers.


To become the leading warehouse operator and a single source for flexible warehouse prices and for the right duration as and when required by businesses.