About Us

What is PalletPerDay.

We have designed the solution of palletperday to cater to the needs of the growing flexible warehouse needs of our customers. Supply chains are coming up to meet the changing fabric of the industry. The customer purchase pattern has constantly been changing from a fixed monthly brick-and-mortar buying to discount-driven lucrative wholesale deals to a sporadic/impulsive omnichannel purchase with no time constraint or geography. Such Buying behavior requires a super agile supply chain that can wrap itself around the changing pattern of the customers.
All industry segments such as - FMCG, Automotive, and groceries are now driven more and more towards modern retail or online shopping. New and Newer marketing channels are opening avenues to market the products which generate a trend that was never seen before. To fulfill the needs of such a dynamic environment we present to you online booking of storage spaces at affordable prices. SMEs, online retailers, MSMEs, Traders, importers exporters, and merchants can benefit from this service. Transporters in need of ad-hoc space requirements can also benefit from this service.

Palletperday has been designed in a way to cater to infinite flexibility in the system to meet the impossible demands of storing your cargo for as low as a 1-day basis. You can book a warehouse space at the click of a button like never before and even manage the warehouse inventory from the portal free of cost using the built-in WMS. The delivery process has been made with multi-layer security to make the process more secure giving peace of mind to the storer. 

With value-added services of Pickup, Packaging, and Drop we complete the whole distribution cycle to give you a single-window solution from the click of a button.
Key Features

  • Online booking of Flexible Storage
  • Security Deposit Free
  • Lock-in Free
  • Already operational Warehouse
  • 24 Hour Services
  • 24*7 Power Backup
  • 3-Layer Security
  • Connectivity to Transport Hub
  • Online Order Management
  • On-Demand value-added services
About Us

PalletPerDay is promoted by IndoArya group - well known in the transport and logistics vertical. Having more than 4 decades of experience with high-quality networks & persistent trust.


The Company currently serves in the following locations

  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Goa
  • Karnataka
  • Telangana
  • Madhya Pradesh